How to fix rotated skeleton?

I was trying to equip my character with a hammer in his left hand but when I used the Mesh.attachToBone method, the hammer is rotated a bit off from where the left hand bone is. I then used the skeleton viewer to debug, and to my spooky surprise the skeleton is rotated by 90 degrees around the x-axis:

or rather the mesh is rotated by 90 degrees to align my character model correctly in game. Even after attempting to rotate the skeleton root bone, the skeleton remains rotated by 90 degrees. I realized that’s because the animation groups that are constantly playing reset the position of the skeleton. So is it possible edit the animation groups themselves? Could I create a clone of the skeleton, rotate it, and then pair it somehow with the original animation groups? Or should I pair the skeleton with an invisible rotated mesh clone of the character?

Thanks in advance!

I ended up re-exporting the character model from blender, and added a parent node to apply the necessary character rotation to align my dude correctly in game.

If anyone has suggestions for a better solution please let me know :slight_smile: