How to get instances exported when instantiating hierarchy from assetContainer?

Dear BabyonJS Community,

How can I get instances exported into GLB after instantiating hierarchy from assetContainer?

The resulting GLB has all Mesh objects no InstancedMesh objects.

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InstancedMesh meshes are not supported in gltf files, so they are transformed to Mesh by the exporter.


I am accustomed to exporting linked duplicates from Blender to GLB and having those imported in Babylon.js as instances. Is there some work on my end that I can perform such that meshes exported to GLB from Bablylon.js could then be later imported into Babylon.js as instances?

Adding @bghgary to the thread as well

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Kind of. glTF doesn’t explicitly support this, but in the loader, we do create instanced meshes when two nodes point to the same mesh. We can likely do the opposite in the exporter?