How to give input and then take that value to the object in babylon js

hello guys

take a look at this sample model and can anyone tell how its should be done in babylon js

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In your example there used 2d canvas with path along a predefined curve. Here is the example how to do it - javascript - How Can I draw a Text Along arc path with HTML 5 Canvas? - Stack Overflow


To use 2d canvas in Babylon use Dynamic Textures | Babylon.js Documentation

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Hi Labris thank you for you’re feed back

But labris I’ve made a code with an model

Summary of the model:
After you type you’re text in the input the text is previewed in the mesh but I need it to be on the model itself

Can you please help me out to figure it out

Thank you

There is some error in your PG

sorry for the wrong link

take a look at this

thank you

Hi @wilfred If I can allow myself, please avoid posting separate posts for a same topic. It will not make the answers faster nor more accurate. Quite the contrary in fact. All it does is dilute the information. We are trying to keep the forum somewhat organized, I hope you don’t mind and understand.
I’m gonna link your post to your other post of the same topic. Incidentally, just answered you on this one :smiley:

Linked to: The input text isn't loading on the model

Yes, well this example as you can see in the code draws text on a dynamic texture.
This is the option 1 I briefly exposed in your other post.
Most is already in this PG (including the texture update).
All you have to do based on this is to make it so that the entry and update is made upon user text input.