How to handle sprite managers for one character that have multiple spritesheets


Maybe the question sounds weird but…

I am working on a game where I have a one character, but it could have multiple instances.

The problem is that my character has separated spritesheets for each animation. Walk, run and so on.

I am confused now how should I properly use sprite manager. So the sprite manager creates and instance of a sprite. But producing one means, that I would somehow have to override? the instance of running sprite with walking sprite, because they come from separated sprite managers. Am I correct?

Can someone guide me here? I do not really know how to approach it, as the sprite manager examples are only with one big spritesheet

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Yes, I think the sprite manager is designed to manage a sprite with all its animations. So, a single spritesheet should contain all the possible animations.

If you want to use a different sprite manager for each animation, you will have to disable the sprites you don’t want to see and only keep the one corresponding to the current animation.