Is there a way to show Highlight layer on 'hidden' objects?

I have been trying to add a highlight layer on a transparent object, but the highlight layer will not be shown on any objects with alpha/visibility less than 1

PG example:

Is there a way to get around this ‘limitation’? I would like to just see a highlight without the mesh itself (a hollow outer-glow effect).

Hi. I think it is not possible to use HighlighLayer with transparent objects.

But maybe this can help you. It is using edgeRenderer instead.

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Unfortunately that is not what I’m looking for. Try enabling it on the sphere instead of the ground and you will get what I mean:

I’m trying to create an outer glow, and I don’t need any of the inner edges.

Actually, to simplify the problem (possibly), I just need to hide the mesh somehow while displaying the highlight layer (or some other possible solutions).

Well. I have no other solutions, except maybe this one. But you cannot play with glow with this.

Lines 35 and 36. Simply show boundingBox of the mesh, and you can see this while mesh is invisible.

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Pinging @sebavan (when he will be back from holidays )

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This is unfortunately not possible at the moment and I am wondering how we could do this. Actually, Hightlights do not support transparency due to the incompatibility with blend mode and depth writes.

I am wondering if we could “fake it” by disabling color draw for the dedicated mesh in the main rendering and then re-enabling it (keeping it not transparent to be compatible with highlights).


Nice trick! I think that is basically what I am looking for, and it’s usable if I abstract away some of the uglier implementation details.

Hi @sebavan, Can something like this be done with mesh.renderOutline?

I’m getting black here:

I do not think we have available callbacks in between the outline steps :frowning: so it might not be as simple.