How to implement incremental loading for GLTF Model?

@bghgary , slightly separate topic but I’m a bit confused around other aspects of mdft_lod extension. I see in the docs its mentioned that one can use the screencoverage property for rendering lod, but we aren’t able to get that to work and maybe I’m not looking in the right place but I’m not sure if I see it in the source code either. I see some commit history around bringing this support in, and then turning it off, and then bringing it back maybe? I’m just not sure where it’s landed.

Is there any playground out there that shows msft_lod with screencoverage working properly for rendering lod? Or does that not exist?

It is a glb.

Sorry, @PirateJC mentioned this yesterday. The code that uses screen coverage was reverted because it didn’t work properly. We probably added something to the doc that didn’t get reverted. Right now, there is no glTF loader code that loads the screen coverage value.

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Thanks @bghgary . Are there plans to bring this back? Would be a pretty big deal if this worked I think!

Currently no. Do you want screen coverage support with progressive loading, or do you want runtime switching of LODs based on screen coverage post load?

You make them both sound appealing (heh), but we were primarily thinking of switching of LODs based on screen coverage post load @bghgary :grinning:

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For reference, the issue that tracks this is Add support for loading MSFT_lod extension as rendering LODs · Issue #4818 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (