How to implement Mobile GPS from Babylon?

HI All,

I am new to babylon, right now i am working on a project mainly for mobile devices where i have to get the mobile gps location and create a navigation.

Since i am new to babylon i have no idea how to get device GPS location and integration.
Can someone please help me to do thi?

Hi @Siva_s and welcome to the forum

babylonjs doesn’t provide any API for GPS coordinate.
A quick search led me to this NPM : gps - npm

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Also a quick search on the forum pointed me at those threads:

by using this gps-npm framework can i implement the GPS feature into my application?

what i really want is, i want to create a navigation from user location to the desired location which is showing in the map and by moving it has to reflect on the page as well, like google map.

As long as you get location info from the location apis it should be good

any reference or example project for implement the location api’s?

A search on GitHub : Search · gps · GitHub