How to make Y-axis of the model is aligned with 0,0,0 in the negative direction?

Hi All, I’m trying to show the model with latitude and longitude data in 3D,

The coordinate transformation I use comes from here:

I think the model should be perpendicular to the surface of the “earth”. So the negative axis of the Y axis should point to 0,0,0

I find this doesn’t seem right. My camera won’t be able to rotate parallel to the surface of the “earth”.So how to display the model with latitude and longitude data in the correct position on the ground ?

I think you should provide a simple repro in the Playground, it will be easier to help.

Also, it seems they found a solution in the thread you linked, what does not work for you?

Hi Popov.Hope I can describe it clearly.My coordinates are very close. After transformation, they are all the same value.
I’m going to draw a line on the plane like this.But what i got was high precision latitude and longitude.

These coordinates come from here:

They are not the same, they differ at some decimals. But you need to zoom a lot if you want to see something. In this PG I tried to use real values, meaning 6371 for the earth radius and scaling everything to this same level:

The red dots are 1m diameter.

I see. one more thing. How can I rotate camera as usual on the ground? Is it just need to rotate this area to the top ?

I’m not sure to understand, but maybe the arc rotate camera is not the best in this case, if you want to move freely on the surface of the sphere.

Yes, I guess if my earth is big enough, those points can look like on a plane .Then I can create a new ground on the intersection of sphere and Y axis . parallel to the X axis and Z axis .Set the arc rotate camera’s target point on the ground . Now I have a problem, how to make a point of the sphere rotate to the Y axis? like this: