How to implement path deformation in babylonjs
How to draw

Hello can you be more precise? Is that a bjs question or a 3dsmax question?



That’s not precisions.

And a 3D modeler isn’t a 3D Realtime engine, and so, needs and abilities obviously aren’t the same.

Should be able to do it,Maybe we need to do something

Yep but what exactly do you talk about? Is using mesh morphing not enough in your case?

I do not really understand what it’s all about, I see pretty pictures, but whate is the question, the problem … Without written explanation, we can not guess the problem. It’s like an explanation in sign language for me. I do not see any problem on the images.


Agree. Can you precisely state what do you need?
We support mesh blending and morph targets that could help but we need to understand what you are looking for

I want to use BabylonJS to achieve

Hi DataAngel, welcome to the new BabylonJS forum!

Perhaps the rollercoaster demo? That’s a path-bender.

Here’s a simpler version, but there are some mesh wiggles and spins at two points along the path.

I love path-traveling animation, especially for camera paths, but I am no expert.

You want to use babylon to achieve[???]. Ok, but I do not know what you want to achieve. Your sentence is not complete.

Ah, ok, maybe it’s a game or you have to guess the missing word. :stuck_out_tongue:. I’m not very good at guessing.

This is what I want to do. Loading model and BabylonJS to achieve a path deformation.

Sorry but no one, including me, seems to understand what you mean by path deformation.

This is one case where a picture is NOT worth a thousand words.

What is being deformed a path or a mesh along a path or are you trying to write letters along a path or to get a path to follow the contours of a 3D map?

Yes, I do not understand too. Try to be clearer, you would not pay less expensive to write the shortest possible sentence.This seems difficult what you explain so more detail of what you want to achieve, easier it helps that one. Do not hesitate to make a big post with plenty of explanation.

If English is not your forte, write in your language, then make a translation with google and post it here. That’s what I do and generally I make myself understood

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Or if english is not your native language (like me:)) try with your own language and we will end up finding someone who can translate

Everyone knows Google Translate, but I suggest DeepL which often make very great translations : DeepL Translator

Anyway, we just need one thing: describe us your needs through an use case. Examples:

  • I have a text and want animate it from path starting point to path ending point
  • I want to move a cube along a path
  • etc
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@bghgary helped with the translation:

(What I mean is)

(The first picture is following a path to deform) [I think he wants the path to stick on to the terrain]

(The second picture is following the text path to deform)

(The third picture is follow model to deform)

(These 3 pictures are the effects I want to achieve)

(Thanks everyone for being patient with me)

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So no worry:) I can understand being lost in translation :slight_smile:

So we do not technically support dynamic deformation but let me ping @trevorDev to see if Ammo support soft body perhaps?