How to Import Dynamic Bones

Hi Team,

Is there any possibility that import dynamic bones to Babylon engine? As far as I know, the skeleton animation is based on linear rig. For non-linear effect, do I need to transfer to the morph target animation to get the similar effect as the following video?

I don’t think we have a way to load skeletons / animations separately from meshes, only if they are inside a gltf/glb or .babylon file. I don’t even know if a file format for skeletons/animations does exist…

Thank you for your reply. Let me clarify my question. I mean when we import a character from a glb file. Can we change the attributes such as bone length, vertex weight during the animation process? As the visual effect that the video shows, some bones maybe influenced by the force. Is it possible to control the skeleton attributes rather than bake to be the vertex animation.

There’s a length property in the bone class, so you may try to modify it and see what happens. If you want to modify the weights of the bones, I think you will need to update the mesh.getVerticesData("matricesWeights") / mesh.getVerticesData("matricesWeightsExtra") buffer(s).

You can update the bones transformation “by hand” by modifying their position/rotation/scaling properties (or these properties of the linked TransformNode in case of a model loaded through a gltf/glb file).

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