How to import geometry that I have already prepared


could you check the console please? ( F12 )


I hope you mean this ))


Maybe it could be some mistake at the top of code?


I can’t see any obvious errors, and since there’s no console errors,
try to add this to the ImportMesh code = newMeshes[0];


Thats it?


There should be a output in the console.


I have to go now,
Another thing you can try is to scale it up, your camera is very far away, the mesh might be very small.



I changed gltf model, and added simple box to check scaling, so Box was displayed, but new gltf model not.


@Ivan_Stratiichuk Can you share one of your gltf files?
Will be easier for us to see what’s going on :slight_smile:


Yes ofcourse, thank you!

Ther are two gltf models that I tried to upload,

Let me know if you can get it.


Loading fails, Missing .bin and texture files :slight_smile:


What about interior scene.gltf?

Are textures necessary to upload model?

If there are mistakes why I don`t see them in console?


It should be possible to load it wiithout textures, but i think the .BIN file is needed,
I’d suggest exporting to .GLB instead (everything bundled in a single file)

as for why the errors weren’t showing for you, i don’t know :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok where .bin file should be noted?

Could you send me some your sample model, I will try to load it to see how it should work!?


the .bin should be located in the same folder as the .gltf
I attached a .zip of my public folder (same as a www folder, just different name)
scene code can be found in babylonScene.js (15.6 KB)


Victory, it works!!!

How to create .bin file?


As far as i understand, the .bin file should be created by the exporter, together with the .gltf