How to import new mesh with TypeScript

Hi guys,

I’m having some problems when trying to import new meshes using typescript.
Here is the code:

Please… save me :slight_smile:

Hi Pedro,

Why do you need saving? :blush: I mean, what’s wrong with the code? Have you checked the documentation page?

Hi RaananW,

I’m using this to create a custom visual in power bi.
When I create a Sphere, this happens:

Works fine, but when I try to import a new mesh this happens:

I read the documentation page, but I dont know if Im doing something wrong in whith the import mesh.

It’s a very abstract question.
We’ll need some live example or better yet a reproduction in the playground to help with it. First step would be - Make sure your model is loaded correctly from your server, make sure there are no errors in the console.