How to increase the level of anisotropic filtering babylon viewer?

Here is my code that I use to connect

<babylon templates.nav-bar.html="<div/>" templates.loading-screen="false" templates.zoom="false" screen="false" skybox="false" ground="false">
                  <engine antialiasing="true"></engine>
                  <model url="<? echo CFile::GetPath($infoProd['PICTURE_3D_']) ?>"></model>
                  <camera lower-radius-limit="0">
                        <auto-rotate type="0"></auto-rotate>
                        <framing type="1" zoom-on-bounding-info="false" zoom-stops-animation="true"> 
                        <bouncing type="0"></bouncing>
                    <clear-color r="0" g="0", b="0" a="0"></clear-color>
                    <textures procedural-textures-enabled="true"></textures>

how to increase this parameter anisotropicFilteringLevel ?
the default value is 4, I would like to set this parameter to 16 for better quality

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cc @RaananW, but I’m not sure this parameter can be changed in the viewer, as it is a property at the texture level and not a global one.

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This will have to be done using code, after the model was loaded. It’s not possible to control a texture’s parameter using the viewer’s ML declaration, as you don’t define the texture, you only define the model itself.

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