How to Keep a text size unchanged when zooming?

Dear experts,
I am using BJS to visualize a number of tables and desks with their size (width/length/depth/…) annotated on each. I am using the TargetCamera with the Orthographic mode and when zooming I just update its orthoXXX values. I need a way to keep the annotated texts’ size unchanged when zooming, the same work done in THREEJS (

Thanks in advance for any help

If you use the Babylon GUI with a full screen advanced dynamic texture you get labels that track meshes and retain their size Babylon.js Playground

However not if you create for a specific mesh

Is PG #2 the type you want but with no scaling of the button?

@JohnK Thanks for your reply. I am not using the Babylon GUI, but DynamicTexture, StandardMaterial, and MeshBuilder.CreatePlane to handle the text. In fact with the PG #2, I need the green button and its text to be moved (with the zooming), but the size of the text kept unchanged, meaning with no scaling of the button.

Here is an example with the label of fixed size

Could you produce a simple PG using your method for gui, sphere + label would do.

The closest PG is Babylon.js Playground. I am using the makeTextPlane function from this PG to create the text. When zooming, I need the X,Y, and Z’s position to change but not its size.