How to know the mesh has been rendered complete When I want to screenshot?

I want to load new babylon file in my project and get preview of this model as sprite.
So I load the babylon file and then create a new camera in my project, the camera and babylon file have the same layerMask and then use BABYLON.Tools.CreateScreenshotUsingRenderTarget to get the preview of the loaded model.
But I can’t know when to use BABYLON.Tools.CreateScreenshotUsingRenderTarget because i don’t know when the model of babylon file has been rendered complete. The preview will be incomplete.

I have tried use node.isReady(true), but it don’t work.
Is there any other method to know the model has been rendered complete?

You may try to use scene.executeWhenReady() with the parameter checkRenderTargets = true
Docs - Scene | Babylon.js Documentation

I tried scene.executeWhenReady() but this function don’t be called. I found the scene.isReady(true) is false all the time. It’s strange.

The small Playground with your example would greatly help to solve your problem.

Here is the small example (working with WebGPU as well) -

Hello @xiaopangoo just checking in if your problem was solved?