How to lock the Y axis in XR mode?

Hello everyone, I use bjs to create a webxr application. The current problem is that when I use firefox reality to browse on vive focus plus, it is normal in vr mode, but the y-axis cannot be fixed in xr mode, and the picture follows the head The shaking and tilting of the head makes people dizzy. Who can tell me how to solve it?
Another question is how do I implement the click element action in vr/xr mode? There is a problem with identifying my controller in vr mode. My controller can be recognized correctly in xr mode, but I don’t know how to trigger the onPickTrigger event of ActionManager. I checked pg, but there is no demo available? I am looking forward to your answer.

Hi @Jacky,

I am not quite sure what the first problem is and what you mean by Y-Axis locking, so it is rather hard to answer. Want to share a playground or some code you are testing with? Just making sure - what version of firefox reality do you have installed?

About the controller - when using the default xr experience helper you get pointer events when the controllers are detected. any click on the main button (usually a trigger) will emulate pointer events (down, up, and move). Would be great if you shared some code here as to how you do iot, so we can understand what’s not working.