How to make a 3D GUI VolumeBasedPanel always face (look back) at active camera, keeping the integrity of the controls/panel layout?

Hello Babylon Guru’s and Contributors. I have a question/issue. I’d like my 3d gui ‘sphere’ panel to always face my active arc rotate camera.
The panel is attached to a transform node. I can easily position or scale (the anchor or panel) - before or after attaching the panel and controls. However, as soon as I use ‘rotation’, (before or after) the panel rotates accordingly but all my controls in a row stack-up at ‘rotate position’? (see SS)

What is it I’m doing wrong? If anyone can help… thanks in advance.

Can’t you use the billboardMode property of the mesh?

Thanks for the reply. I have to admit I don’t know the ‘billboardMode’ (but will sure have a look at it:)
Meanwhile, I found my error. It was only because the scene was not entirely loaded. I simply created a function to run only after the scene is rendered and my panel now rotates with all its controls in place. And it works pretty well actually. Sorry for the disturbance and thx for your support. Have a great day!