How to make blender file look normal in bjs

this is what shows on the screen
but it should be cube with edges
can help

Well that link to the Sandbox does not help - just gives the Sandbox for me to load a file and textures from my HD. Maybe try loading your export from Blender into the Playground?

cheers. gryff :slight_smile:

I think your problem is related to shading.
In order to obtain a smoother rendering, Babylon uses normal shading as a base. On the contrary, flat shading allows you to display each individual faces of your mesh.

@1111 you can also add an edge split modifier to geometry in Blender, or a small bevel to edges you want to remain sharp, before exporting to Babylon.

check this link too Blender Tips - Babylon.js Documentation (this is for .babylon. For .gltf, use Blender mesh autosmooth + sharp edges)