How to make the text less blurry

in this image the text are getting blurry in the mobile view how can i make these text look good not blurry in the mobile view.

I have seen your previous questions. It looks like you have the whole UI built in babylon GUI. Have you thought about building your UI as html over the <canvas> for babylon 3D scene? You can also benefit from using an existing web UI library like bootstrap?

No, I’m sorry but I don’t see any issue using the BJS GUI. Quite the contrary in fact. It’s a great asset of BJS and works perfectly both on desktop and mobile. One would just need to make a small effort to learn about how it works.
I have recently opened a topic so that we will eventually enhance the doc with the information on how to handle this part to make it even more accessible.

A Google search of ‘babylon.js sharp text’ brings up

These may help.


Indeed. Thanks for your effort and for supporting the amazing work done by the team on the BJS GUI. Search in the forum also provides with these answer. Though, I admit they are a bit ‘dispatched’ among threads, reason why I suggested to create a doc page for it.

A couple more can be found here depending on scenario:

Hi @Ashish_Abhiwan. I have PM you what I believe is the solution for your case (in order not to create more confusion if it doesn’t solve the problem). Please confirm or discard. In case, we’ll add it here.

OK, so I don’t have your new PG so I made the below example with the old one PG of yours from a previous thread.

With this (line 8 on engine build AND lines 939 to 941 on canvas resize observable) I have perfectly clear text on my test devices (from iphone 6s to 11 and android).

Babylon.js Playground

Babylon.js playground is a live editor for Babylon.js WebGL 3D scenes

I can send you the SS if you want but I sure hope you get the same.
Else, let us know…

this is the pefect solution for it


Glad it worked for your case. I’m still looking forward to this doc page to provide solutions for more specific cases. Have a great day :sun_with_face: