How to make universal camera as child of abstract mesh

Hi Guys, How can I make universal camera as the child of a mesh so that which ever direction mesh is rotating the camera would also rotate

Just doing camera.parent = yourmesh should work.

Hi thanks for the quick reply. actually I made camera as child of root mesh of a glb model
camera.parent = meshes[0]. But the issue was that, entire scene was actually mirrored

Yup. Quite normal. mesh[0] from a glb (or gltf) import is the β€œ_root_” node. This node is a root/parent created on import to conform right-handed system to the left-handed BJS standard. Anything you will add in BJS to this node will also get the transformation (a minus Z-axis and Math.PI on Y).
Two solutions here_:

  1. Use the right-handed system in your scene.
  2. Unparent from this root node, eventually parent to a new one… then parent your cam to the new node.

Thanks a lot. That was a life saving information