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Hey everyone,

So i was wondering if there was a way to change the camera so that it is mirrored. I want this so that when i set the upVector to (0,-1,0) i can mirror the camera.

Notice what i mean here:

If you check the first playground every thing is normal. Right side up and not mirrored.

In the second one the camera is flipped upside down. This also (kind of) mirrors the stage. I understand this is how it is supposed to work. However i am wondering if there is a way i could mirror it to somewhat counteract what upVector did, without making everything right side up.

Any ideas?

What about creating a root node with a rotation.y set to Math.PI ? And make sure that all meshes are children of that node:

This is very clever…

im going to try it. It should work if i just make the correct objects children of that node.

I already have many objects with parents so i can just blanket add it in.

im losing my train of thought…

il let you know how it goes!

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So, while i was away yesterday my coworker implemented this. However not exactly how you had shown. Here is a playground that shows what he did:

This worked really well.
Thanks DK!

Good! As long as you are happy, I’m happy :slight_smile:

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