How to map projection


I need to use map projection in my project which are base on the map. the following link is my PG :

with the aid of the @Deltakosh tutorial this I made the tiled ground and then I try to use Map Projection with Bing maps tile system but I don’t know how should I use the methods in my code to get the Map projection on my map. is it possible help me to solve my problem

I need to make grid on my map look like the below GIF:

chrome-capture (3)

Hi ,
I apologize for the inconvenience.
is it possible to help me?

@Arash_Bagheri you might need to provide more information about exactly what you’re trying to achieve. It’s unclear at the moment.

Also, your posted GIF is not displaying for me.


Hey @inteja.
I need to use Map Projection in my map, I mean when I want to zoom in the map I would like to get more details of map.

Well it looks like you’ve achieved the mapping for the one, initial zoom level, so I guess all you need to do is regenerate the mapping each time the zoom level changes e.g. scale down the tiledGround, get and reassign the MultiMaterial sub material diffuseTexture for the new zoom level.

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yes, but I don’t know how to it, I mean my problem is zoom level, how can I recognize the zoom level and also I have a problem with subdivision.

Hi @nasimiasl
I apologize for the inconvenience.
is it possible to help me ?

look here if you cant find any good way to render that ping me again i am busy for this week but back after that

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Ok. Thank you so much

hi @nasimiasl

sorry for pinging you again, I didn’t find a way to solve it. I need a to make map projection but I couldn’t find it.

here is my UPDATE PG :

Would that be an option Levels of Detail (LOD) | Babylon.js Documentation ?

Else you might need to adapt the uv mapping / scaling based on the zoom level ?

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Hey @sebavan
yes I need a uv mapping/scaling in terms of zoom level, I mean I need tiled map.

now I am trying to use mapbox as a ground instead of building with babylonJS.