How to play contemporary videos in the same scene

Hi Babylon community :slight_smile:

We have an issue in being able to play fluidly contemporary videos in the same scene.
As an example, we have created this simple PG:

As we are experiencing lagging of the videos, what would you suggest to make the playing of contemporary videos as smooth as possible?
Adopting different standards (such as webm) may help?

Thanks a lot for all the support you will be willing to provide.


I guess that multiple videoTextures will be heavy even if videos are small ('cause the engine have to read video on each frame and write it in each textures - I think).

My way to do this would probably to make kind of an unique atlas video, then play with UVs of my meshes to show the right video on it.


@Vinc3r Thanks a lot for your precious suggestion.
We are going to try this approach and update on the results we are getting :slight_smile:

I love your answer @Vinc3r !!!

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@Vinc3r We tested your suggested approach and it works perfectly. No lagging of any kind.
Thanks a lot for your precious support!

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