Video texture lost with plugins on multi materials

The playground works fine without things with ground2(line 135-145). But the first video texture will get lost after adding ground2.
It seems it is the reuse of the second video texture that caused the error, the internal texture of the video texture in plugin2 is changing the property _associatedChannel all the time.
So is it a bug? If not, I have to set a unique texture for plugin on every enabled materials?

You must set a texture if your plugin is using one: plugin1 for the 2nd ground has no texture, leading to artifacts.

Here’s one way to fix it:

I commented line 164-170: And it got error again, so even if the material of the second ground is not using the plugin1, I should set a texture to make it work? Or I have to update the textures by hand?

Ah, I forgot to remove those lines, which were the first workaround I found.

So, it seems disabling the plugin is not enough to make it work, I will have to dig more. In the meantime, the workaround is to disable the texture auto update and call updateTexture manually.

This PR will fix the problem: