How to present a project?

Hi guys, could you help me? I’m finishing developing a project, which involves artificial intelligence, I’m going to sign up with my school, in a contest, to sign up you have to fill out a form, with some topics and that’s my difficulty,
any tips?

The questions are as follows:

Identified Problem (must be formulated in the form of a question)

Hypothesis or Objective:

Detailed Description of Materials and Methods (Procedures) to be used:

I’m having trouble, thanks to anyone who can help.

@PirateJC is your best bet with Story Telling :wink:

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We would need to know more about your project. What is it, what does it do and why did you undertake it?


I agree with @JohnK. We don’t have enough information to reply. In fact, from my experience (incidentally, I had to help some clients doing their masters on AI,… while I never got mine :wink:) A lot of how good you can perform actually depends on ‘the philosophy’ of the course and teacher/school. Believe it or not, some clients got their master simply by basically answering the same to nearly all questions. Simply because, consistency and the ability to stick to a strategy and tactics/methods was the most important for the teacher/school. And then, in a way, I believe it is, speaking about AI management.
So, it’s not that we are not willing to help but (personally) I cannot and wouldn’t want to give advise based on just this.

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