Exposure for game/game idea

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How does one get their game or idea out for folks to use or collab on? The game I want to continue building upon seeks others to make it work. Ive placed ads in other forums but nothing seems to do the trick. Would love tips and advice on how to go about doing things as well as if I should pivot the direction Im going in.

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I think with so many game ideas and projects out there, to even have a chance of getting attention and collaborators on a project, it’s best to have an enticing, playable prototype. Ideas and concepts are a dime a dozen, rarely unique, so people need to be impressed and see the potential before they’re willing to commit to helping on a project.

Oh and real $$$ help too … :slight_smile:

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I think @inteja had a lot of good points. A working prototype of some sort can really get the ball rolling in peoples minds.

From personal experience, it’s not what you know…but WHO you know. I think getting out there and making friends, contacts is a great way to get exposure. You never know when one of those friends might be interested to help out. Or maybe they know someone who would be interested.

Ok? So how do you do that? Social media/forums like you mentioned is definitely the way to start. Something I did a tad in my earlier years was do is group game jams! While you won’t walk away with a finished product per say you will make tons of contacts who know how you work and may give even more insight. There’s lots of indie conventions where devs mingle and share ideas.

Personally I love Twitter a ton. I think it’s actually a great platform if you want to market yourself. Discord also has lots of developer channels and communities.


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I agree with ya on having an enticing prototype but there are so many game out there that mirror one another it makes me wonder how the world are they successful. I gave up a few ideas because they were basic copycats.

BTW : I don’t have $$$ but I do have plenty of drive and determination which I hope should count for something :blush:

@msDestiny14 :purple_heart:

Oh I know all about the what you know, who you know…dealt with this throughout my work experience. Seeing folks get by with little effort has always bugged me. So far the only game developer I know is my 12yo cousin but hopefully can find more folks my age to connect with :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

As far as forums I heard of Discord and will give it a shot. Will also look into meetup groups locally that I can gain knowledge from as well.

When asking for collaboration you need to be clear about what you want. Hope these suggestions are helpful to you.

  1. Describe to concept in detail.
  2. Have your own website with enough of your project to demonstrate the concept;
  3. List what you skills you expect from any collaborators;
  4. List exactly what your collaborators will need to do;

@JohnK :blue_heart:

These are extremely helpful…much appreciated!!!

In my mind I had a plan to create something on the lines of a Second life or Roblox where I feel its a communal effort but I have a feeling that is an extremely lofty goal so may need to keep things very simple and solo for now.