How to rotate cutPlane?

Hi there,

I’ve been looking into cutPlanes, and the basic x/y/z planes work great and just as expected. What I’m struggling with is how to rotate a cutPlane/Plane?

I’ve tried rotating a new plane i.e. new BABYLON.Plane(0,0,1,0).rotate(BABYLON.Axis.X, Math.PI / 2, BABYLON.Space.WORLD);. But it looks like the Plane has no rotate method. Does anyone know a way to overcome this?

The aim would be to have a cutPlane on a given axis such as the z-axis, and then be able to rotate that plane on the X or Y-axis.

I’m using the following playground as a guide to get me going:

Thanks for any help you can give :slight_smile:

Hello you can actually rotate the normal vector:


Awesome, thanks @Deltakosh! That’s just what I was trying to build!