How to rotate translated cut plane at new position?

Hi there,

I’ve been looking into cut planes, and so far so good.
However, I’ve hit a wall trying to rotate the cut plane at its translated position. Is there a way to do this?

At the moment, I’ve got it so when you translate along the Z, the rotation point remains to be at the scene.clipPlane3.normal vector. I’d like to move the rotation point to where the cut plane has been translated to. So that the rotation pivots about the visible plane? Is this possible?

I’m using the following playground as a guide to get me going:

Thanks for any help or guidance you can give :slight_smile:

This sounds as a duplicate of How to scale cut plane d translation with rotation?

As @Evgeni_Popov mentioned there, the question here is more about maths and our kings @JohnK and @Cedric might have a look shortly. But keep in mind it is a vacation period in some parts of the world so patience is key :slight_smile:

Thanks, @sebavan, apologies for posting twice. Wasn’t sure if I should post the change in question as a new topic. Thanks for all your support and patience :slight_smile:

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Managed to work out the Math and fixed the issue - will provide a playground with the fix when I next have a chance :slight_smile: - Thanks all for your help

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