GUI (Plane rotation around mesh)

Hello! I’m trying to recreate UI mechanic shown on this Video. I cant figure out how to rotate Plane around Mesh. I would be grateful for your help :slight_smile:


Adding @msDestiny14

Without billboarding, you can typically just add a parent to the plane and then you can rotate the parent.

With billboarding, parent rotations don’t work (Thanks @Evgeni_Popov for investigating!)

But you can use an invisible node and copy the position over, like this:


Thank you for your quick response! Updated playground. Maybe there is a cleaner solution?

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Have you found a simple solution?

Yup have a look at the 2 previous answers. Is anything missing ?

Babylon GUI (Plane Buttons) | Babylon.js Playground (

We can close this thread, thx you all for help ive got what i wanted long time ago.

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