How to save the dynamic lighting of mesh as PNG?

Hi guy
I need a lot of lighting in my scene. To save performance, I can’t use dynamic lighting. I know I can use blender to get a fake lightmap, but this is too tedious and I need to adjust a lot of uv work. Is there a way to save the dynamic light source of the mesh as PNG so that I can bind these saved PNG to lightTexrure? :slightly_smiling_face:

It will be the same in Babylon and your UVs will also need to get correct for that. Maybe @CraigFeldspar can share his plans on baking ? :slight_smile:

Well… :slight_smile: blender’s auto UVWrap is currently being implemented in order to achieve exactly that : baking lights onto textures in BJS.
However, as @sebavan mentionned, you will get the same UV layout as you would have gotten into Blender. What part is actually painful about your UV layout ?

Thanks, in fact, is mainly reflected in the huge workload. When there are a lot of lights in the scene, I have to bake the lightmap in blender, then bind to the material one by one and adjust the uv channel. Also, when the mesh in the scene is adjusted, I have to do the same process all at once. As you can see, it’s not easy to maintain adjustments to the scenario.

That’s why I wanted to implement the automatic lightmap feature. :grinning: