From Blender to Babylon: lightmap workflow tutorial

(original post from old forum)

Back to the Lamps on Babylon / Open Contest! old-forum thread, I’ve commited myself to write a tutorial about my lightmap workflow.

Here the demo:


And of course, the tutorial itself: From Blender to BabylonJS - Nothing-is-3D

English speakers may want use this topic to write feedbacks.


Hi Vinc3r
thats a great tutorial. I have to dig deeper into to get a better overview.

Have you postet the diffrent textures you used somewhere.?
Or some screenshots of the diffrent channels in 3D?


Thanks for your feedback.
You should have all you’re need in this zip, from Workflow in few words part.

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Super article. Thank you.
Is there any way of baking my scene without using any third part application like blender?

I want to baking with code itself. May be in a language like c#

You mean doing your lighting inside BJS, and bake lightmaps on the fly? Sounds like a huuuuuuge task (totally out of my skill, so can’t answer). I’m not sure but maybe dynamic shadows process could be a lead to follow.

Woah, just saw this…hats down Vinc3r, thanx for tut and effort, great article :+1:


Many thanks!