How to scale a shader on a sphere?

I’m new to Babylonjs and shaders in general but here’s what I’m trying to achieve.
I’m trying to make a sort of skybox with a celestial sky, with a sphere.

I’m using this shader [0], that I slightly modified, on a sphere.

It looks great on a sphere of diameter 1 [1]. Bu I want the sphere to be bigger, so that my world can be inside this sphere.

However if I set the diameter to 1000 or larger, it doesn’t look great anymore.

Is there a way to increase the resolution? Or a different way to approach this problem?

[0] Shader - Shadertoy BETA
[1] Playground

Hello and welcome to the Babylon community! When you increase the sphere’s diameter, its UVs will still be from 0 to 1, which means that you have a bigger “area” being covered by the same coordinates. Accounting for this will be highly dependent on what the shader itself does, so my recommendation would be to dig down into the shader, see what’s doing (commenting it might be a good idea), and modify it accordingly.

A simple way “around” this might be, instead of increasing the sphere size to cover your world, to scale down your world so it fits inside the unit sphere.