How to scale ImportMesh gltf model

Hello all,

I’ve been attempting to scale a model that I imported however it doesn’t seem to be working. The model doesn’t scale at all regardless of what number I set using scaling.

Here is a playground with my attempt and another method I tried also:

Any help greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Hello and welcome!

Here is more correct example -
I put the 1 unit size box to have the visual reference of scaling.

The line
meshes[i].scaling = new BABYLON.Vector3 (3,3,3);

means that you scale every mesh from your model with x,y,z axis, with multplier 3.
For only one axis you may use, for example
meshes[i].scaling.x = 3;

Also note that usually you don’t need to create canvas or render loop etc when you use Playground - it has all you need already by default, so you can concentrate on createScene function. When you download your scene, all other needed functions will be added to your .zip file.


Thank you so much. Works great.