How to scale submeshes

after loading a mesh i want to scale some parts from it ex: if iam using a 3d man mesh, i want to make his arm bigger without changing the whole mesh,note that the 3d mesh isnt pre-divided into parts.

If the model is not divided into different meshe ( as I understand from your last sentence), it will require a lot of work to find out which vertext data to transform. My best recommendation is to avoid doing that, and to download a 3d modelling software (blender? sketchup?) and do it there.

If the mesh is correctly divided, you can simply search for child meshes of the model or search directly in the scene if you know the mesh’s id / name


thank you for your help,

i divided a sphere into 2 parts using blender and exported it.
then i imported it and the submeshes array had 2 different meshes.
i scaled one mesh on the x axis, how can i merge them together so i can fill the space between them.

Merging them together won’t bring then closer. I’m moving one to the correct position (closer to the other) using the position parameter.

its in the right position, but scaling it making some spaces between submeshes, i just want all the spaces to be filled