How to set the camera so that just like a real human walking

How to set the camera so that just like a real human walking? I set the camera.ellipsoid to (0.5,1.8,0.5) to simulate a human with 1.8 meter tall, but nothing changed

Probably this is because you also need to set up camera collisions - Camera Collisions | Babylon.js Documentation

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I am also interested in this as I am about to implement my first first-person camera in my scene.
Could you a bit more explicit when you say?

What I understand from this and would may be also like to implement, is a camera slightly ‘wiggling’ when the character moves, to simulate the head slightly moving when walking. Is that what you are looking for? If so, as I said, I have no faen clue but would sure happily soak-up the answers from others :grinning: :smile: :wink:

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a playground or reproduction would be helpful as well.

(Obviously directed at OP :slight_smile: )

Here is “drunken camera” example, one may make more sober walk from it :slight_smile: - Babylon.js Playground


A game where you’re a drunk person just trying to get home without tripping would be kinda funny :rofl:

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Sadly, I cannot allow drunk people to enter my space museum. By any means, the way things are going, alcohol will probably be prohibited by this time in the future (and we will all be eating just dehydrated vegan food made from synthetic proteins elaborated by the biotech industry). Oh, how I’m eager to get there :grin: :wink: Evolution, they say? :grin: :laughing:

To be fair, well made vegan food is very delicious :yum:

Are we talking about food now?

Totally agree! But… Cheese…

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Sorry to get back to the walking here but is the idea to have some kind of walking/bobbing animation when moving or just to be able to move with the camera at a height representative of a 1.8m human?

I don’t know for the poster (since he did not reply) but for what I’m about to implement in my scene, yes, it was my idea (at least, initially).

I wanted just a soft effect but thinking of it further, it actually essentially is when the character/user (in first person camera) takes a step (on a stair) or enters a small room (like an elevator). Situations where we naturally compensate or adapt our point of view. When we walk up or down stairs, we naturally compensate with the eye the change in height while taking the step. Same, when we enter a small room (like a closet or an elevator) we instinctively quickly check on the right and left. This is what I wanted to try reproduce somehow. But then in case of stairs, I was thinking afterwards that may be the best would be not to use the stairs as colliders and compensate with the camera. Instead, create a new collider with a slope. Any thoughts and experience on this would certainly be appreciated :smiley:
I might just open a new topic for it when I get there (since this wasn’t my post).