How can I move softly over stairs which has collision?

Hey everyone

I want to know how can I move over the stairs softly, I mean I can move over the stairs but there are some problems as you can see on my PG, I should push the keyUp button to go up and the movement is somehow not softly and the collision makes the camera not realastic.

here is my PG:

Seems you’ve already asked this question before :slight_smile: - How to go on the steps when we have a collisions in free camera


Hey @labris , Yes but the problem is, before that I used the slope for passing the stairs and it was so soft, however it needs the hidden collision, but you explain me how can I pass the collision by defining the camera.ellipsoidOffset, and Now I want to know how can I go up the collision softly, now it move over the stairs but it is not softly. I wan to know how can improve it to make it more realistic.
And also I have a limitation for increasing the camera.ellipsoid

You may decrease gravity -
camera.ellipsoidOffset just defines the viewing point regarding to the camera.ellipsoid values and camera position. You may prefer set it to 0.

Hello @TOKYO just checking in, do you have any further questions?