Issue with collision / ellipsiod

Hi. I use a Free-Camera (position.y = 1.8) and I cant figure out how to set the ellipsiod for collisions to walk through this example-‘door’.
In this playground I want to show that I always stuck because of the object “wall_top”.
If I set position.y of wall_top > 3.6 than I can walk through the gap.
If I set position.y of wall_top to 2 than I get stuck.

If I dont set the position.y of camera, ellipsiod and ellipsiodOffset to the same value, the camera-control behaves weird.

I want the camera-y at 1.8 and a wall-top of around 2.
How is it possible.

Thanx and best regards!

By tweaking a bit camera, ellipsoid and offset I was able to get thru the door:

FreeCamera_MouseWheel | Babylon.js Playground (

I’m not sure this is exactly what you want.


This is exactly what I want! I didnt know _needMoveForGravity. Thank you very much!

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