How to set up Babylon Native project?

Hello, I tried to set up the Babylon Native project. I am new in Babylon native
the link is “”.

I am unable to run the project in ubuntu. I am getting this error.

what is the meaning of this error

Hi @Dhruvi_Chauhan and welcome to the forum.

What the error says: CMake 3.19.6 is not found in the PATH. Install it(if not already done) and add it to your path.
Same for ninja, that can be installed easily with the command: sudo apt-get install ninja-build

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Hello @Cedric , Thank you for your response
I tried to install the CMake 3.19.6 version but it is not showing in Android studio.

If CMake 3.19.6 is in your path, Android Studio should be able to pick it up. If not, you can also manually add it to the Android Studio cmake folder, but I’m not sure if that’s officially supported. Another option is to use the newer version of CMake in the gradle file. I believe we don’t need to target a specific version anymore with newer versions of Android Studio.