How to test babylon engine performance?

Is there any example that can test the performance of the babylon engine?

I have a model with many subdivisions, so I want to observe the effect of babylon under different subdivisions.

Any help will be helpful, thanks!

The best way is to make a PG and see how it goes! Use the Performance tab of your browser if you want detailed data about timings.

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Also a fast way if you just want to test the models/animations and such is to throw it to the sandbox (especially if it is in glb format).

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thanks a lot ! I’ll try it ! :smiley:

thanks a lot ! I’ll try it ! :grin:

The Inspector is the simplest way to check most common parameters.
Also, there are tools to provide more information: Optimizing Your Scene | Babylon.js Documentation
You can write your own performance checker for your needs, like at screenshot.

Simple console helper - Tools | Babylon.js Documentation


Thank you so much ! I really appreciate it :smiley:

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