How to tint stencil using postprocess

I use an postproces to tint stencil template, but it doesnot work.

It is expected that two meshes will be red.

It’s a bit complicated because you have to create the depth/stencil texture for the post-process, so that the stencil part can be reused.

Also, you must create two post-processes, because the render target of the first one will be used as the output for the scene rendering, while the second will be used as the output of your post-process shader. You must reuse the depth/stencil texture of the first post-process when running your shader: this is done thanks to the _shareDepth method of RenderTargetWrapper (see line 60):

As this method is often used, I made a PR so that it is visible by the end-user. I also fixed the _depthStencilTextureWithStencil property that should be set automatically by shareDepth:

When this PR is merged, the code can be simplified a bit to:

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perfect, thanks a lot.