Post Process Masking / Excluding Meshes

first of all congratulations to the release of 4.2! Really love the progress from 4.1 til today!

Today I was searching the new docs :heart_eyes: for a way how to exclude meshes from a post process or include specific ones. This works well for effect layers - glow and highlight, but would be awesome i.e. for color curves or black and white. This would allow me to highlight objects nicely, without using additional materials. So far I was using node materials with a saturation value, but I would prefer, if I would not need to set it at all.
RenderingGroupId does not seem to be helpful, because occluded mesh parts would be visible.

Is there any good way to do this?


Hey and thanks a lot!

Unfortunately postprocess are working at pixel level (like a photoshop filter) so we cannot isolate vertex info from it :frowning:

thanks a lot for your reply! Effect Layers do not work in screen space through pixel? Would it be possible to have a pass inbetween, that is giving included meshes a black color and excluded meshes a white color, so that it could be used as a mask for the follow up pass? If it does not make sense, I guess I have to go with different materials. - Now that I think about such a layer effect, it would require information about the depth for occlusion and that would probably increase the draw calls, I assume.

They do but the content of the glow is built FROM meshes.

For postprocesses it depends on what you want to do with it but remember that it will work on 2d

Some ideas to dig is to use stencil buffer to mark pixels you want to process