How to use Blender exporter and Linked Assets


Any idea of how to achieve the following workflow?

  • create assets in different blender files (e.g. tables, shelves, etc)
  • populate a master blender file (e.g. a 3D level for a game) with these assets (e.g. rotate/position/scale them)
  • modify the assets from their original file and get all the assets updated in the master blender file
  • export the result to .babylon whenever it is needed

What I’ve tried
I tried to link my assets as collections in my blend file (the fruits/vegs stands on the right):

That is working like a charm in Blender, you can rotate and move your assets. You can also open the blender file of the original assets and modify them and the modifications will be applied automatically in the blender file of the level.

However, when I export to .babylon format, all the linked assets disappear:

(NOTE: the shelves on the left are appended, not linked, that’s why they are successfully exported)

Any idea of how to achieve the workflow described above?

EDIT: one solution I am looking into is to import and position the assets through script.

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glTF exporter includes linked object (not collections) - but as static overrides stil not implemented in 2.80, you can’t move linked objects (for now a solution is to link main scene collection in your props file, so as to place them as you want, and then be able to link them into your master blender file).

As for Babylon exporter, we have to ping @JCPalmer which is the (only?) core dev of it.

Might you create or edit your existing scene, so that there is one such linked mesh to export (you can place it in a separate collection and exclude all the other collections in the viewport using checkbox to the left).

Export, then post the resulting log file. My first guess is that they are exporting, & just not showing up where you think they should be. Once it is determined they are or are not on the file, then we might proceed. Saying assets disappear is not really actionable.

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