How to use .ktx2 file in texture? texture missing KTX identifier

@Evgeni_Popov is our ktx2 king :slight_smile: and I do not think you need the formatToUse for ktx2 which might actually be your issue here as with ktx2 you do not need extra tools to load them.

No, setTextureFormatToUse is not needed for ktx2, but the error means the texture is not a ktx2 file, the magic signature could not be found.

Make sure that 2.ktx2 file is really a ktx2 formatted file.


Thank you very much for your answer

Thank you very much for your help,Does the kTX2 file have any requirements for converting images?For example, length and width are powers of two

No need to be power of 2 but the width and height should be dividable by 4.

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Thank you very much for your answer