How to use the babylon.js editor in linux ubuntu o linux mint?

Anyone know how to run the babylon editor in linux ubuntu or linux mint.
when you download the editor the linux file, it is not a .deb or an application to install with the software center. It is only a file with several folders, but there is no explanation of how to make it work in linux ubuntu or derivatives.

Adding @julien-moreau who is the mastermind behind the editor.

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Hey @Ariel_Gimenez!
Does the file « babylonjs_editor » not a Linux executable ?

As you will see in the image there are several files, but which one to run, none of those files are executable.
You have to compile it?
could you create a .deb or APP compatible with ubuntu

It is not an executable.

@Ariel_Gimenez thanks! Good to know
Il working on it right now and will send you files you can test
Thanks for reporting

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Hi @Ariel_Gimenez, welcome to the forum!

Have you tried marking it as executable:
chmod +x ./babylonjs-editor
in bash/terminal then executing it?

I have an Arch install I can try to test this on sometime this weekend

I was seeing that there is a way to install Linux programs more universally.
“It’s called flatpak”

Here is a page with info about this tool.

Thanks for your time.

Try to run the program the way you mention it but nothing happens … The file is not executable.

ok, in my case I use linux mint 19.2 XFCE version would have to work perfectly packages for ubuntu.

Fixed … Drag the babilon.js file to the console and wait 30 seconds … After that the editor opened … I have some bug in the viewfinder, however it must surely be for my video card, thank you very much.


@Ariel_Gimenez cooooooooool !!!
On my part, I successfully created an AppImage file that I have executed on my Ubuntu VM!
Will share the AppImage ASAP :slight_smile: