How to use Transform Node (Flip Animation) with 3D button


I would like to add this flip animation: HTML | Flip a card - GeeksforGeeks to my project…here is the PG for it: Babylon.js Playground (I made this using the StackPanel example) I believe I can use the transform node function but not too sure about it.

Also in regards to the button.backmaterial is there a possibility to make that the button.imageURL and have it cover the entire face of the button? I would eventually want a logo on the front and various text on the back.

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You could rely on the node rotation for this ?

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Instead of all the buttons rotating at once I would like them to reflect the buttons here:Complete 3D HTML5 Concentration game made with Babylon.js – Emanuele Feronato

My goal is to make a game similar. I just want to make it where when 2 cards have the correct/same answer. Are there any PG examples you or othersknow of…I’ve looked and couldn’t find any.

Once again this is fantastic and thank ya💗

just apply the rotation on the button you need in the previous playground ?

Here I do it with all even ones but you could apply any logic you need.

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THANK YA, THANK YA :heart_eyes: :hugs: :cupid: