How to use two or three separate triangle mesh

hello everyone

I want to build an triangle custom mesh with the help of a geojson file, I need to build each section as a separate custom mesh, because each section has a specific color, I want to know how can I build separate custom mesh separately with their specific colors.

this is my PG:

You can simply add the color to the vertexData with vertexData.colors

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Thank You so much. the problem is how can I split the arrGeo to make three vertex data, I know it is the JavaScript Problem, But is it possible to help me to know How can I do it?

I mean, I want to make arrGeo = [ [pos1], [pos2], [pos3] ] then make three vertexData with pos1,pos2 and pos3

I think it should be easier to ask on stackoverflow for javascript questions :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot