I try to use in babylonjs with ArrayBuffer parsed by loaders.gl

contentLoader: async (tile) => {
      if (tile.content.gltfArrayBuffer) {
        console.log("tileset.gltfArrayBuffer", tile.content.gltfArrayBuffer);  //gltfArrayBufferyon

        let arrayBuffer = tile.content.gltfArrayBuffer;

        const file = new File([arrayBuffer], "test.glb");
          (container) => {
            const mesh = container.meshes[0];
            console.log('mesh', container);


I got the error as below


Hello and welcome to the Babylon community! We need more information to be able to answer your question. :slight_smile: What are the contents of the file you are trying to load? Is it actually a GLB or another format alltogether? It’s best if you can provide us with a Playground with what you are trying to do.

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It has been solved. I successfully converted the arraybuffer parsed by loader.gl to base64 and used babylonjs to load

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Using base64 is quite slow. You might consider using the arraybuffer by wrapping it in a File or Blob object.

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does not load

This loads

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Are you saying LoadAssetContainer doesn’t work but Append works? If so, what error are you seeing?