I want to implement follow mouse feature for avatar head

Hello team. I need guidence I want to develop a feature that allow avatar head do movement accordding to mouse position.

Did you read this Bones and Skeletons | Babylon.js Documentation ?


Maybe @PatrickRyan or @Evgeni_Popov has ideas.

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I think you want to use the BoneLookController:

[…] Ah, @Alexander_Sosnovskiy already linked to it!


I tried on babylonjs model by modifing head bone

But im not able to do it with ready player me avatar

if i manually update the bone rotation values then it again reset even i stop all the animations.

You should update the transform node linked to the bone and not the bone itself, as the model is loaded from a glTF file: modify skeleton.bones[XXX].getTransformNode() and not skeleton.bones[XXX].

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