I want to show a simple cube at the position (6738120, 1384, -4123270), But there are some distortion, what is the problem?

Hello everyone

There is a problem for rendering a simple cube at the position (6738120, 1384, -4123270):


is it a way to solve this problem?

You are losing all your decimal precision at those extents. I think DK once said the recommended scene extents are around 1000 units (see: floating point variables)

Hi @withADoveInOneHand , Thanks for helping me,

I need to locate some cubes at that position, I didn’t find floating point variables at the doc, do you know how can I solve this problem?

See When I showing block model with SPS, There are distortion in the shape of cube, how can I solve it? - #10 by JohnK

Scale down the size of the cube?