I would like to know more about KTX textures

Hi there

Is there any tutorial available to learn how to create and use KTX materials in babylonjs?

Is it possible to convert shaders in blender into KTXmaterials?

Thank you

Do you mean KTX textures? KTX Overview - The Khronos Group Inc

Sorry for the mistake. I meant KTX textures. Thank you.
Is KTX only converting images into ktx format? How about shaders? Can I convert blender shaders to KTX textures?

As per the overview I provided in the previous link, KTX is a texture format meant to efficiently work with 3D APIs. Shaders are not textures, but code that runs in real time during rendering. What you could do is to bake your shader in a texture, but you won’t be able to have any real-time effects with this approach.

Thank you for the information.
I just installed the Gestaltor software to get started.